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Women in Red

Women in Red Norway (Kvinner i rødt) is a project set out to get more biographies about women on Wikipedia. Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects are created so that all the world’s knowledge is available for all. Only approximately 10 % of the editors on Wikipedia are female, and the result is that a lot of knowledge is missing. This is something we want to change.

The name “Women in Red” points to how articles missing on Wikipedia are red links, and the Norwegian project is inspired by the global project with the same name and goal. The first step is making sure the red links are even there – that we know what is missing. The next step is creating the articles, making sure the red links turn blue.

On the project page Kvinner i rødt we encourage organisations, institutions and the general public to contribute with lists on women within different fields who do not have Wikipedia articles in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk and Northern Sami.

Partnership with The National Library and Oslo Metropolitan University

Together with The National Library of Norway and Oslo Metropolitan University, we have several ongoing collaborations connected to Women in Red.

The National Library have large collections of sources and systematic organised data about female authors, photographers and artist, and we contribute to the use of these sources on various Wikimedia projects.

We have had a close collaboration with Oslo Metropolitan University over several years, and in 2018 we have expanded this partnership to include Women in Red. Together with The National Library we offer Women in Red projects to students as a part of an elective subject on project planning. Here the students can learn more about how to use The National Library’s sources on Wikipedia and its sister projects.

In 2018–2019 we also have a collaboration with The National Library on making visible female authors whose work has become public domain the last ten years, which according to Norwegian Copyright Law is in the 1940s.

For more info, pleace contact Project Manager Jorid Martinsen on