Oslo Freedom Forum, Tech Lab

Wikimedia Norge skal delta på Tech Lab under Oslo Freedom Forum med et heldags skriveverksted. Vil du bli med? Vi trenger flere frivillige som kan være med som veiledere. Ta kontakt med astrid@wikimedia.no. Lunsj og reiseutgifter dekkes.

Dette er invitasjonen fra Human Rights Foundation, som arrangerer Oslo Freedom Forum:

As a member of Norway’s Wikipedia community, you are invited to spend May 28 with hundreds of human rights activists and technologists at the 2018 Oslo Freedom Forum. Wikimedia will have an area inside the venue at Sentralen in downtown Oslo to encourage participants to edit various human-rights related entries in Norwegian, English, and other languages. A key goal will be to get the dissidents, activists, journalists, and netizen and OFF attendees from more than 50 countries to get involved in editing their own country’s important pages, such as country page, leader (or dictator), top activists, and any key human rights or corruption issues. Working together, we can expose the crimes of corrupt governments while also shining a light on those who are working to make the world a better place.