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Community survey: Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2020

Wikimedia Norge would like to organize a regional Wikimedia Diversity Conference in 2020 for Europe, with the hope of many other regional conferences on the same topic being held in the near future. The Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2020 will provide a meeting place for discussing, debating and generating recipes for change concerning diversity in the Wikimedia movement.  

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Wikimania 2019: Stockholm

Skrevet av Bruker: Sabinitus som mottok et reisestipend fra Wikimedia Norge for å delta på Wikimania 2019

I høst var jeg så heldig å få reise på konferansen Wikimania 2019, som ble avholdt i Stockholm. Der fikk jeg holde en presentasjon hvor jeg snakket om hvordan man kan skape mangfold på Wiki-prosjektene ved å gjøre kilder lettere tilgjengelig for nye brukere. Når jeg har holdt kurs i hvordan man bidrar på Wikipedia har jeg nemlig ofte opplevd at å skape engasjement for mangfoldsproblematikken på Wikipedia kan være nokså lett,

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Mapping project of Wikipedia in indigenous languages

Written by Eddie Avila, Director of Rising Voices. He has also worked as Regional Editor and Spanish Language Editor for Global Voices, as well as a volunteer author for Bolivia.

When we discuss working towards achieving diversity in Latin America, we can find many of the same challenges facing similar communities around the world: LGBT, people with disabilities, and those from lower socio-economic sectors of society, just to name a few.

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Exploring Wikimedia’s gender gap with six contributors from Scandinavia

Written by Sabine Rønsen, also published on Wikimedia Foundation’s blog

Wikipedia aims to offer the sum of all knowledge, but whose knowledge is it? This summer, Sabine Rønsen, a library and information sciences student at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, conducted six interviews with Wikimedia contributors from Norway and Sweden. Her goal was to gain a deeper understanding of why they contribute to the projects and to see how their experiences as women or gender minority participants affect their experiences editing.

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