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The Board of Directors

Chair of the Board 2022–2024

Marie Nicolaisen, Førde

Occupation: Museum Director, Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

I want our organisation to become a key supporter of, and participant in, developing knowledge sharing and freedom of speech, by and for people in general.

Deputy Chair 2023–2025

Stian Amadeus Antonsen, Oslo

Occupation: Political Adviser, Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH)

I want to contribute by sharing my network and knowledge within diversity and equal rights.

Treasurer 2023–2025

Fredrik Ljone, Bergen

Board Member 2022–2024

Sigrun Espe, Leikanger

Occupation: Archives Manager, Vestland County Council

I work to increase the volume of open and free knowledge, particularly within cultural heritage, and I want Wikimedia Norge to become a known contributor to knowledge sharing.

Board Member 2023–2025

Åshild Telle, Seattle i USA

Occupation: Scholar (mathematician and computer scientist) / user name Mewasul

As part of Wikimedia Norge I hope to strengthen the collaboration and the social climate between Wikipedians, whether they’re experienced or not.

Board Member 2023–2025

Cathrine Myhre Sanden, Oslo

Occupation: Social worker, secretary of Fagforbundet Oslo

I want to help make our organisation and our projects better known within the labour movement. Equal access to information is a prerequisite for social equality.

Deputy Board Member 2023–2024

Marius Vassnes, Austevoll

Occupation: Apprentice and writer / user name Vasmar1

I want to represent the contributors’ perspective in the Wikimedia projects.

Deputy Board Member 2023–2024

Naomi Ichihara Røkkum, Oslo