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Arctic Art+Feminism: The Art of Indigenous Knowledge

Art+Feminism is a global network of activists that are increasing the visibility of women of arts all around the world. By Introducing Arctic Art+Feminism, we wanted to focus on women from Indigenous groups in the Arctic region. This project aligns with our work to increase diversity on the Wikimedia projects, both for Indigenous languages and the gender balance on Wikipedia and the project was partly funded by Fritt Ord Foundation.

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The Arctic Knot Conference Logo

For the Arctic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference we wanted to work with a designer with a good understanding of the Sámi history and culture and try to find a way to reflect this in the conference design. That, and our previous experience with Árvu was the reason we chose to ask them to create the conference logo. The word Árvu means «value»in Northern Sámi, and on their website they write «Árvu is the unique arctic identity». 

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From the incubator to the world – congratulations Inari Sámi Wikipedia

Have you ever wondered about the process of launching Wikipedia in a new language and the importance of Wikipedia for indigenous languages? In light of the most recent language version to join we will shed some light on the process from incubator to Wikipedia in Inari Sámi.


Sámi knowledge online is a Wikimedia Norge project with the intention of improving the Northern Sámi Wikipedia and to provide more Sámi related content to the Wikimedia projects.

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Ny ansatt i Wikimedia Norge

Mali K. Brødreskift har begynt i Wikimedia Norge som ny prosjektleder for mangfold. Hun tar over etter Åsa Paaske Gulbrandsen. Tusen takk til Åsa for strålende innsats!

Mali har en master i innovasjon og entreprenørskap og har arbeidserfaring fra å bygge opp folkefinansieringsplattformen bidra.no. Velkommen Mali!

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Community survey: Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2020

Wikimedia Norge would like to organize a regional Wikimedia Diversity Conference in 2020 for Europe, with the hope of many other regional conferences on the same topic being held in the near future. The Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2020 will provide a meeting place for discussing, debating and generating recipes for change concerning diversity in the Wikimedia movement.  

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