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The Art of Indigenous Knowledge

Art+Feminism is a global network of activists that are increasing the visibility of women of arts all around the world. By Introducing Arctic Art+Feminism, we wanted to focus on women from Indigenous groups in the Arctic region. This project aligns with our work to increase diversity on the Wikimedia projects, both for Indigenous languages and the gender balance on Wikipedia, and the project was partly funded by the Fritt Ord Foundation.

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Uralic language contest 2019

Lihkku beivviin!
Vuorbbe biejvijn!
Læhkoeh biejjine!

Today is the Sami National Day – congratulations!

As some may know, 2019 is UNESCO’s International Year of Indigenous Languages. In conjunction with that, Wikimedia Norge and other partners are organizing the Uralic Language Contest 2019 – an international writing contest aimed at increasing the content around Uralic minority languages (including the Sami languages) and the people who speak them, on Wikipedia.

Everyone is welcome to contribute – in any language!

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2017 Wiki Loves Monuments winners

The winners of Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in Norway are ready. The jury, which consisted of Arild VĂĄgen from Sweden, Hans Rosbach from Norway and Mher Bekaryan from Armenia, have decided on the top 10 photos that will proceed to the international finals. All ten photos can be seen on this page on Wikimedia Commons.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed photos to the contest, and to the jury for their time and effort in judging the photos to find the winners!

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