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March = Women In Red

Did you know that only 18 % of biographies on Wikipedia in Norwegian Nynorsk are about women? The numbers are slightly better on Wikipedia in Norwegian Bokmål (25 %), but not good enough. Join our editing contest, a writing course or an edit-a-thon throughout March we will be turning red links into blue ones!

Annual campaign

Women In Red is an annual effort where Wikimedia Norge, partners and Wikipedians pool their resources to write top-quality articles about women. The campaign title reflects that links to missing Wikipedia articles are red, whereas links to existing articles are blue. You can read about the Norwegian campaign on Wikipedia, where you will also find thematic lists of women’s biographies that are missing.

March 2024 activities

All month: editing contest

Join our Wikipedia editing contest! You can write women’s biographies in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Northern Sámi or Inari Sámi. We’re competing for love and glory, but also a handful of attractive gift cards.

Friday 8 March: Edit-a-thon at the National Museum

The National Museum has invited us to host an edit-a-thon for students from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Art History students from the University of Oslo.

See how the participants are progressing:

Kvinner i rødt, Nasjonalmuseet

Everyone is welcome to work on these lists of red links:
Women that are represented in the National Museum’s collection
Nordic Architects

Saturday 9 March: Edit-a-thon at Deichman Bjørvika public library in Oslo

14:00–17:00 in the Blankvann room
It’s free to take part, you don’t have to sign up, and there will be light refreshments.

Experienced editors and beginners are welcome to share their experiences and work on Wikipedia articles. If you want to take part in the writing process, please come prepared: Decide which woman you want to write about, or find a woman’s biography that needs to be updated. Look for sources that you can lean on. Bring your own laptop.


14:00–14:15: Women make Wikipedia better

14:15–14:30: My first year on Wikipedia, a video greeting from a beginner

15:00–15:15: Who’s missing on Wikipedia? Write a woman’s biography

16:00–16:15: One image says more than a thousand words. Add images to articles.

16:45–17:00: Summing up the day. What have we achieved?

Between the short presentations we work in groups or individually, with plenty of time to help each other out. Join us for the entire day, or stop by at your convenience! You can also watch the presentations from home at

Tuesday 12 March: Wikipedia editing course for women in Sogndal

17:00–20:00 at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, campus Sogndal.
Women of all ages are welcome! Learn more and sign up.


Do you have any questions about Women in Red or some of this year’s activities? Get in touch at or call us at +47 48924892.

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