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Executive Director

Elisabeth Carrera / Tel. +47 48 92 48 92

Elisabeth has a cand.mag. degree in Humanities and a college education in Communication and Arts Management. She has management experience from the cultural sector and NGOs. Elisabeth is in charge of day-to-day operations and holds the overall responsibility for cooperation with volunteers and institutions in Norway and abroad.

Community Outreach Specialist

Jon Harald Søby / Tel. +47 97 76 75 10

Jon Harald has been a contributor to various Wikimedia projects since 2005, primarily the Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia and Wikidata. He has previously worked as a Fundraiser Production Coordinator, and later a Community Fellow, at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Communications Coordinator / Tel. +47 92 09 50 77

Bjarne Bjørnevik

Bjarne has a bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science. He has experience as a journalist and freelance writer, in addition to working in both public and special libraries. Bjarne is in charge of content production and recruitment efforts.

Project Team Member (15 August 2023-14 February 2024)

Anne Brit Sande / Tel. +47 92 24 34 28

Anne is a teacher and journalist with many years of experience as a teacher in upper secondary school. She has also worked in adult education programmes, taught immigrants and done volunteer work for humanitarian organisations. Anne is in charge of the two projects Growing the female ratio on Wikipedia and Wiki into education.