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    #WikiNem conference in Stockholm


    Participants at the weekend meeting in Stockholm. Photo by Arild Vågen/Wikimedia Commons

    A big shoutout to Wikimedia Sverige, all our new Northern European friends and colleagues, Ulrika Eklund (the best facilitator), Internetstiftelsen in Sverige for a great venue and Wikimedia Foundation for funding the conference that took place in Stockholm this weekend!

    Nordic Wikimedia affiliates (i.e. Northern European affiliates) have been meeting up at bigger Wikimedia conferences for years and there have been several collaborative activities and projects in the region, but during discussions in 2017 it has been more and more clear that this regional collaborative could use an in-person meeting to support regional cooperation and peer mentorship in a more effective and functional way.

    In preparation of the meeting, a few key thematic areas for collaboration were highlighted: strategic discussions, GLAM, Education, Tech, Advocacy and Communication. The open space format of the meeting facilitated the interesting discussions, idea generation and next steps.

    As the purpose of the Northern Europe Wikimedia collaboration we decided on: To do awesome stuff together by establishing a framework for active collaboration in Northern Europe, identifying common issues and using our expertise and resources in dealing with and developing them.

    Please take a look at the documentation from the conference with detailed action plans for follow up steps!

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