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Bli med oss på kunnskapsdugnaden – del din kunnskap på Wikipedia!

Mapping project of Wikipedia in indigenous languages

Written by Eddie Avila, Director of Rising Voices. He has also worked as Regional Editor and Spanish Language Editor for Global Voices, as well as a volunteer author for Bolivia.

When we discuss working towards achieving diversity in Latin America, we can find many of the same challenges facing similar communities around the world: LGBT, people with disabilities, and those from lower socio-economic sectors of society, just to name a few.

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Lightning talk at Wikimedia Diversity Conference

Written by Sabine Rønsen

This summer I was lucky enough to land a summer job at Wikimedia Norway. And over the course of two months I interviewed six female contributors from both Norway and Sweden, to get their perspective on the gender gap on Wikipedia. We talked about the gender gap among the contributors, but also the gap in terms of the content on Wikipedia. Like the gender imbalance in biographies, and the lack of articles on topics related to women.

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A country Girl attends Wikimedia Diversity Conference

A blog post by Afifa Afrin, Community Director, Wikimedia Bangladesh

I still remember the morning I received the email mentioning “The Scholarship committee is excited to let you know that you have been successful with your application to the Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017 in Stockholm”. It was so exciting news for me, I was so happy about this.

Back to July 2017, I and my husband were going through Wikimedia Meta and noticed about this conference.

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