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Call for submissions: Arctic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference

The Call for Submissions for the Arctic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference 2021 is open and runs until 15 April!

We are looking for your most imaginative ideas for how we can host a variety of interesting, engaging, and enlightening talks, workshops, presentations, and events. Are you a Wikidata, Commons, Translation Tool, or other wizard, and you want to help new editors get involved through Arctic Knot? Have you been trying something so innovative that you would like to share with the Wikimedia community?

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Save the Date: Arctic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference 24–25 June 2021

Looking at the future for indigenous and underrepresented languages and the Wikimedia projects!

The Arctic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference will take place online 24–25 June 2021.

At the Arctic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference we want to look at the future of indigenous and underrepresented languages and their presence and use on the Wikimedia projects. The conference will provide space and focus for indigenous and underrepresented language communities to connect, learn from each other, and collaborate

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From the incubator to the world – congratulations Inari Sámi Wikipedia

Have you ever wondered about the process of launching Wikipedia in a new language and the importance of Wikipedia for indigenous languages? In light of the most recent language version to join we will shed some light on the process from incubator to Wikipedia in Inari Sámi.


Sámi knowledge online is a Wikimedia Norge project with the intention of improving the Northern Sámi Wikipedia and to provide more Sámi related content to the Wikimedia projects.

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Wikinobel 2020: digitalt wikiverksted

9. oktober klokken 11 blir årets mottaker av Nobels fredspris annonsert. 

Vanligvis flytter Wikimedia Norge sitt kontor til Nobels Fredssenter den dagen og sitter der sammen med frivillige og har et wikiveverksted. På wikiverkstedet oppdaterer vi Wikipedia om årets fredsprismottaker(e) og andre emner knyttet til fredsarbeid. 

I år gjør vi det digitalt! Bli med på digitalt wikiverksted fra kl 10-14 CEST (UTC +2). 

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How is Wikimedia responding to COVID-19 crisis?

Netha Hussain is a PhD Student at the University of Gothenburg, a Medical Doctor and an active Wikimedian. Since early 2020, she has been one of the most active contributors to the COVID-19 project, where volunteers make sure that Wikipedia articles are updated, correct and filled with information. In this post, she describes how the Wikimedia movement works with the COVID 19-pandemic.

The Wikimedia community has always responded to crises happening around the world by creating and updating articles,

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Community survey: Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2020

Wikimedia Norge would like to organize a regional Wikimedia Diversity Conference in 2020 for Europe, with the hope of many other regional conferences on the same topic being held in the near future. The Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2020 will provide a meeting place for discussing, debating and generating recipes for change concerning diversity in the Wikimedia movement.  

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