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#WikiNem conference in Stockholm


A big shoutout to Wikimedia Sverige, all our new Northern European friends and colleagues, Ulrika Eklund (the best facilitator), Internetstiftelsen in Sverige for a great venue and Wikimedia Foundation for funding the conference that took place in Stockholm this weekend!

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Riddu Riđđu og Márkomeannu – nordsamisk Wikipedia

Wikipedia er en av verdens mest brukte nettressurser for informasjonsutveksling. Som digital møteplass er Wikipedia derfor en svært viktig kanal for å fremme og bruke nordsamisk som et aktivt og levende språk både nasjonalt og internasjonalt.  Wikipedia finnes på ca 300 ulike språk, og verden over jobbes det med de små språkversjonene som formidlere av språk, kultur og historie.

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Wikipedia and Human Rights: Reflections from Oslo Freedom Forum

Written by a Wikipedian from the Middle East

This year I was offered to be part of the Oslo Free Forum 2018 conference. This conference tries to bring together notable people, including former heads of state, winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, prisoners of conscience, as well as of other public figures to network and exchange ideas about human rights and exposing dictatorships.

But why should I be invited to such a conference? I was not a head of state,

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Collaboration between Wikimedia Norge and NetBlocks: suppporting access to knowledge

Wikimedia Norge and Netblocks share a vision of a free Internet and of making knowledge available to everyone. At The 2018 Oslo Freedom Forum, human rights advocates from the entire world have gathered this week to exchange experiences. Wikimedia Norge and Netblocks used the conference as an opportunity to start our collaboration on access to knowledge globally in the face of increasing government censorship.

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Mapping project of Wikipedia in indigenous languages

Written by Eddie Avila, Director of Rising Voices. He has also worked as Regional Editor and Spanish Language Editor for Global Voices, as well as a volunteer author for Bolivia.

When we discuss working towards achieving diversity in Latin America, we can find many of the same challenges facing similar communities around the world: LGBT, people with disabilities, and those from lower socio-economic sectors of society, just to name a few.

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Wiki Loves Earth 2017

By Siri Uldal (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Wiki Loves Earth Norge 2017 var en fotokonkurranse om å ta det beste bildet av vernet natur i Norge. Dette var det femte året Wiki Loves Earth ble arrangert, og første gang Norge deltok.

Dette er vinnerne i den norske delen av Wiki Loves Earth 2017:

Beste bilde ble Lyngen landskapsvernområde, tatt av Siri Uldal.

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Lightning talk at Wikimedia Diversity Conference

Written by Sabine Rønsen

This summer I was lucky enough to land a summer job at Wikimedia Norway. And over the course of two months I interviewed six female contributors from both Norway and Sweden, to get their perspective on the gender gap on Wikipedia. We talked about the gender gap among the contributors, but also the gap in terms of the content on Wikipedia. Like the gender imbalance in biographies, and the lack of articles on topics related to women.

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Exploring Wikimedia’s gender gap with six contributors from Scandinavia

Written by Sabine Rønsen, also published on Wikimedia Foundation’s blog

Wikipedia aims to offer the sum of all knowledge, but whose knowledge is it? This summer, Sabine Rønsen, a library and information sciences student at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, conducted six interviews with Wikimedia contributors from Norway and Sweden. Her goal was to gain a deeper understanding of why they contribute to the projects and to see how their experiences as women or gender minority participants affect their experiences editing.

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