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2017 Wiki Loves Monuments winners

The winners of Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in Norway are ready. The jury, which consisted of Arild Vågen from Sweden, Hans Rosbach from Norway and Mher Bekaryan from Armenia, have decided on the top 10 photos that will proceed to the international finals. All ten photos can be seen on this page on Wikimedia Commons.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed photos to the contest, and to the jury for their time and effort in judging the photos to find the winners!

Bilde av Fjærland kirke

This picture of Fjærland Church in Sogndal won the first prize.
Photo: Bjørn Erik Pedersen, CC-by-SA 4.0

Bilde av Uvdal stavkirke

This photo of Uvdal Stave Church in Nore og Uvdal won the second prize.
Photo: Thomas Nicolas, CC-by-SA 4.0

Bilde av Alnes fyr

This photo of Alnes Lighthouse won the third prize.
Photo: Nils Botnmark, CC-by-SA 4.0

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