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About us

Wikimedia Norge is a voluntary organisation that makes knowledge freely accessible to all by supporting contributors to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, by collaborating with institutional partners and by offering training courses. We strengthen free knowledge-sharing in Norwegian bokmål, Norwegian nynorsk and Northern Sámi, and we are part of the global Wikimedia movement.


For general inquiries, please contact us at or tel. +47 48924892.

The Board of Directors

Marie Nicolaisen heads a board of knowledge sharing enthusiasts.

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Executive Director Elisabeth Carrera, our Community Outreach Specialist and our Communcations Coordinator work towards our goals.

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Our work

Millions of people around the world use Wikipedia every day. Wikipedia is actually among the world’s most visited websites. Not everyone knows that the free encyclopedia Wikipedia is written and maintained by voluntary contributors. Everyone can contribute their knowledge on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects!

Are you among those who think knowledge should be shared and freely available to everyone? Here you have found like-minded people who are doing something about it! Wikimedia Norge is a NGO that works to make knowledge free and accessible to everyone by supporting contributors on the Wikimedia projects through institutional collaboration and course activities. We have projects for sharing of knowledge in both Bokmål, Nynorsk and Northern Sámi, and also projects for sharing of photo collections and archive material. By describing the world, we also change it a little. We would appreciate your contributions!

Here you can read more about our work related to Sámi knowledge online, and here you can read about our work on increasing the diversity among Wikipedia contributors and in the content on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is one of several Wikimedia projects. Other major Wikimedia projects include Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects have a central role in Wikimedia Norges’s work.

Wikimedia Norge does not have editorial responsibility for the content of Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects. We are an independent non-profit organization, but the Wikimedia Foundation in the United States (which runs the Wikimedia projects) has recognized us as a national Wikimedia organization. This means that Wikimedia Norge is working at national level towards the same goal as the Wikimedia Foundation and 40 other Wikimedia organizations worldwide: Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.