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Cooperate with us

Wikimedia Norge is always looking for partners to cooperate with on exciting projects related to free knowledge in general, and Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects especially. If you or your institution/organization have an idea or a project suggestion you want to cooperate on with us, you’re very welcome to get in touch.

We work together with archives, museums and libraries, government agencies and councils, colleges, universities, various networks and … many more. We have big projects that go over several years, and smaller collaborations. No matter how big or small, if you have an idea, we’d love to hear from you!

Some of the things we’d love to collaborate on are:

  • get institutions, employees and volunteers in touch with eath other
  • hold courses on how to edit wikis
  • assist institutions with tips and knowledge about how to share their collections (photos, text, data) with a free license
  • implement measures so that collections, e.g. cultural heritage, can be used by the various Wikimedia projects
  • organize tours and editathons together with cultural institutions
  • help finding good Wikipedians-in-Residence
  • organize writing and photo competitions
  • hold presentations about Wikimedia projects and how they can be used to spread knowledge
  • organize seminars about free knowledge

Annually we organize these events together with collaborators, amongst other things:

We in Wikimedia Norge work together with the volunteers in our projects. Som a volunteer you can help us a lot! Teaching people how to edit, helping to arganize contests and wiki meetups or help with various support arrangements like the wikigrants we award twice a year. If you have competence that you think is useful and want to share it with us, please get in touch! Or get in touch with us if you have an idea that you think we can help you kickstart!