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    Tilgang til Wikipedia blokkert i Tyrkia

    Tilgang til kunnskap er grunnleggende i et hvert demokrati. 29. april ble alle språkutgaver av Wikipedia blokkert i Tyrkia. Wikimedia Foundation har skrevet om blokkeringen på sin blogg. Wikimedia Norge stiller seg bak henstillingen Wikimedia Foundation retter til tyrkiske myndigheter om å heve blokkeringen av Wikipedia. Her er et utdrag fra bloggposten, skrevet av Kathrine Maher, Wikimedia Foundation:

    «On Saturday, April 29, we learned that the Turkish Internet Regulator (ICTA) implemented a block of all language versions of Wikipedia in Turkey. Wikipedia is a global source of neutral, reliable information in hundreds of languages. If it remains, this block will result in millions of people in Turkey losing access to free knowledge about their country and the world around them. We believe knowledge is a fundamental human right, and urge the Turkish government to remove this block.

    A dedicated community of volunteer editors write and maintain more than 40 million articles on Wikipedia. This global community has a powerful vision: a world where every single person can freely access the sum of all knowledge. Wikipedia represents a rich source of knowledge on a wide range of topics, from history to medicine to technology. The nearly 300,000 articles on Turkish Wikipedia also provide knowledge for millions of people about Turkey’s history, culture, and geography—written for Turkish speakers, by Turkish speakers.»

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