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    Maps & hacks @ #Hack4NO

    Written by Susanna Ånäs, who received a travel grant from Wikimedia Norge for  Nordic Open Geodata Meetup at Hønefoss.

    Around 30 participants gathered in the Nordic Open Geodata Meetup at the Norwegian mapping authority Kartverket’s headquarters in Hønefoss, Norway. The participants convened from around the Nordics: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

    One reason for the gathering was to chart ways of networking about open geodata in the Nordic countries. Another aspect was to discuss ideas for the #Hack4NO hackathon that followed the next day.

    New networks were not set up during the days but the ideas are maturing. In Finland, mappers are finding ways to get organized, and the Wikimaps project is setting up a Wikimaps user group.

    This is intended to be an evolving blog post as people are sending in their documentation and thoughts. Check back later as well!

    Project presentations

    Humanitarian mapping

    Erno Mäkinen presented Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team tools and activities, focusing on the recent growth of especially the humanitarian mapping events in Finland. Mapping events are great at bringing people together, in particular when the action has direct impact. The tools for humanitarian projects are same as for other kinds of mapping.

    Interactive maps on Wikipedia

    Albin Larsson presented the new mapping possibilites in MediaWiki projects with the Kartographer extension’s <maplink> and <mapframe> tags, and using SPARQL queries in Wikidata and geographic shapes from OSM to create maps.

    Crowdsourced geotagging of images

    Vahur Puik presented the gamified environment Ajapaik for crowdsourcing locations for old photographs, and the forthcoming Norwegian instance Fotodugnad.

    Combining aspects of humanitarian mapping and working with cultural heritage

    Susanna Ånäs proposed new configurations for cultural projects, combining humanitarian work with existing GLAM-Wiki activities in Wikimedia.

    Georef – place names linking data

    Esa Tiainen presented Georef – a new Finnish initiative to organise Finnish place names – both current and historical – as linked data.

    Susanna Ånäs also briefly showed WikiProject Historical Place, which is a project to model historical places in Wikidata. We need authorities, researchers and volunteers working together to bring knowledge about historical places into Wikidata!

    Mining Heritage Site

    Bjørn Ivar Berg presented the case of the Norwegian Mining Museum’s rich archival content.

    K-Lab map demonstrators

    Vemund Olstad presented the K-Lab map demonstrators and how they have been used in the project En Blå Tråd.

    Lokalhistoriewiki.no – Local history wiki

    Marianne Wiig presented Lokalhistoriewiki, a wiki that includes rich information about people and places in Norway.

    Mapillary – crowdsourced street view

    Peter Neubauer presented Mapillary, the crowdsourced street view and their new plans to offer the users of Panoramio the opportunity to migrate their images to Mapillary. Mapillary connects with OpenStreetMap, and there have been ideas to connect historical images through Mapillary in the same way.

    Maptime communities

    Lasse Sætre briefly described his work with mapping community Maptime Oslo. Maptime chapters exist in many Nordic cities, and they connect activities between mappers, designers, open data enthusiasts etc.

    Wikimaps user group in Wikimedia

    Susanna Ånäs proposed a user group for mapping related activities in Wikimedia. A user group is not an organization, but it would be recognized as a Wikimedia affiliate. It could give visibility and emphasis to mapping activities, and help channel the discussions about development issues or community needs.

    Would you have interest in the group? Do you think you could benefit from it? Would you be interested in being a founding member? Take a look at this page.

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